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It was an eagerly awaited night on Saturday as the riders of 90 Racing MXC gathered at the Cedar Court hotel in Huddersfield to celebrate the end of the 2014 season … and they were not disappointed as a fabulous evening was had by all!  Thanks need to go to lots of people for preparation for the night – Terry, Lynsey, Alex, Mick, Josh, Dave, Fiona, Julie, Darren, Clare, Denise and special guest Ashley Greedy.  The sponsors for the evening were Shane at SPS, Jim at Motoshack and Dave at Stealth Clothing, and they gave generously with the winner in every group getting a bucket full of all sorts of motocross related goodies, and trophy plates as well!  The trophies for every qualified rider were awesome! Massive and sparkling in the light, they shone as riders entered the room to the sight of the special 90 video projected onto the ceiling.  The awards began, and all the riders came up one by one as Lynsey Hamer described their season and Ashley Greedy gave them their trophy. 

 Then the special awards were given out, with hand tied bouquets for the girl racers, trophies for the clubman, sportsman, most improved rider and the riders’ rider, then the annual shields were given.  The ladies of the club were called to get their boxed flowers and the track crew came up for crates of beer to say thanks.  Terry Hamer was given a bottle of whisky, and the awards ended with Lynsey being given a bouquet of flowers from the riders to say thanks.  The buffet was served, and beautiful it was! Then the raffles were drawn.  A free ride was won, then another auctioned off.  The raffle with excellent prizes such as a Wii U, Mini Wii, two Cube balance bikes, plus tonnes of other goodies was a great success, then everyone partied away at the disco.  All in all an excellent evening was had, and just before the start of the season it was a reminder of why we all do it!  Biggest thanks must go to all the riders and their families who came, and made it such a fun night!  Photos are all available to purchase on the website



1.         Tobias Gray Richardson

2.         James Barker

3.         Kaie Stesel

4.         Robert Whitehead

5.         George Botterill

6.         Leah Sherriff

7.         Louis Whelan


Junior 65s:


1.         Ben Clark

2.         Riley Stesel

3.         Jaygo Beasty

4.         Travis Steels

5.         Archie Kirk

6.         Luke Fox

7.         Charlie Rhodes

8.         Warren Limpkin

9.         Jack Taft

10.       Lucy Hamer


Small Wheel 85cc:


1.         Kurtis Griffiths

2.         George Hollins

3.         Ethan Tollet

4.         Billy Firth

5.         Joe Winnard

6.         Naomi Dolby

7.         Joe Talbot


Big Wheel 85cc:


1.         Jack Bintcliffe

2.         Jake Winnard

3.         Luke Taylor

4.         Ben Talbot

5.         Shane Sherriff


Youth Open:


1.         Callum Whaling

2.         Joe Jacques

3.         Jake Taylor

4.         Alex Hamer


Adult Intermediate B:


1.         Sverrir Olgeirsson

2.         Scott Matthews

3.         Dan Edgar

4.         Will Nicholls

5.         Alan Edgar

6.         Mark Fox


Adult Expert A:


1.         Daryl Wallis

2.         Neil Roe

3.         Gareth Jones


Adult Novice C:


1.         Josh Smith

2.         Ryan Fox

3.         John Roberton

4.         Peter Swannack

5.         Anton Faulkes

6.         Dale Harvey

7.         Paul Cowling

8.         Daniel Youngs

9.         Matthew Roberton

10.       Matthew Hendry

11.       Paul Taft

12.       Alan Cooper

13.       Nathan James

14.       Kevin Harvey

Special Awards:


Riders Rider                           Callum Whaling

Chairmans Award                   Dave Botterill

Chairmans Rider Award           Kurtis Griffiths

Improved Rider                      Kaie Stesel

Rider Of Year                         Ben Clark

Sportsman                             Will Nicholls

Clubman                                Mark Fox

Lapscorers Award                  George Hollins


Girl riders: Naomi Dolby (SW85). Lucy Hamer (Jnr 65) & Leah Sherriff (Auto).


90 Ladies Clare Whaling, Denise Wallis, Julie Pryce, Fiona Botterill & Sarah Coop.


Track Crew: Mick Sherriff, Barrie Ward, James Backhouse, Darren Whaling & Dave Botterill.

£5 Raffle Tickets

Winner of the raffle to win a free MCF licence, membership for 90 Racing MXC and free entry to all Club Championship rounds in 2015 was intermediate B rider Mark Fox! 

Book in online: Text/ring Lynsey on 07725 231104 or email:

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